Heater 7" Out Now!

by Heater


The Self titled 7" is out now. You can purchase and listen to it here.


Despite substantial academic research into the punk industry mail-order boom of yore, many have forgotten the air tragedy of 1994. One dark and stormy night, a cargo liner full of lost Avail test pressings, mythical Drive Like Jehu 7”s and much of the Dischord catalogue disappeared over the jungles of Fort Worth, Texas. None of the crew was ever recovered. A group of isolated tribal elders came to venerate the found records as the sacred fetish objects in their cargo cult. Before his untimely demise at the hands of enraged pentacostal locals, pioneering ethnomusicologist Dr. Britt Robisheaux was able to record the cult's rites of rudimentary ecstatic rhythm.


released October 6, 2016

Heater is
Travis Brown
Adam Werner
Jamie Shipman
Josh Lindsay



HEATER Fort Worth, Texas

We are finished with the new 7". It has been released through Twistworthy Records out of Austin, TX.
We also have new shirts, stickers, and pins. Get them at the next Heater show.

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